These are the eight trolls that will be making an appearance in the upcoming fan adventure that me and a small group of friends are working on.

We’ve yet to come up with a title, and several important aspects of the story are still in development.  We have most of the character designs and such set up, however.

Starting from the top and going down:

Prospit dreamers

Arcaus Mordex:  Prince of Time, used to be an avid FLARP player, before an incident with his ex matesprit and sidekick drove him to fake his death and hide away in his hive, positioned at the bottom of a valley. Everyone believed he was dead for a perigee or two, until he contacted his moirail, who spread the news that he still lived.  Overall a chipper and easily excitable guy.  Is a marvel at playing piano, a secret he hopes nobody finds out about.

Danaka Furcif:  Witch of Void.  One of Arcaus’ neighbors, and, by extension, one of the only people who knew he was still alive.  She has flushed feelings for him, feelings that he feels in return, but neither of them know about.  She is a yellowblood psionic who can use her powers to turn almost completely invisible to the untrained eye, which is cool, until you wake up at 3 am to hear the sound of giggling and crackling psionics.  She’s a very adventurous, playful type.  Her symbol is always obscured, tying into her invisibility gimmick.

Mephit Darrus:  The Thief of Mind.  Has a reputation as a hermit due to his home high up in the mountains, but, in truth, he probably wouldn’t mind going down to visit his group of close friends.  He can’t though.  He’s Arcaus’ moirail, although he’d prefer to keep it under wraps for reasons he doesn’t care to admit.  Can be a bit of a snobby asshole at times, but he’s a real good guy at heart.

Grifig Maneko:  Rogue of Blood.  A purpleblood who resents the caste system with everything he has.  He types and wears grey as a result.  He has a predilection for the number three.  He used to be Arcaus’ matesprit and FLARP buddy for a time.  He pushed Arcaus to fake his death when he attempted to force him to kill a violetblood bully for beating up a lower caste.  He stands by his beliefs, and claims he will take them to the grave..  Unfortunately, he’s more easily swayed than he first leads on…

Derse dreamers

Ardera Branna:  
Knight of Doom.  She’s the team’s other purpleblood.  She is obsessed with the very concept of fire, and has a reckless disregard for any and all sorts of life.  She’s practiced controlling it without the use of tools or fire-based weapons, a skill she’s developed very well.  Nobody really knows how she does it, but she does.  She is Arcaus’ kismesis, and later becomes Grifig’s moirail.

Aciona Netrah: Heir of Space.  She is the Empress of Alternia.  She took the throne when she was only 4 sweeps old.  Alternia’s existing candy blooded Emperor passed away of old age, and Aciona, being the only eligible candidate for the throne, became the Empress.

Aegirr Segito: Page of Rage.  Aciona’s adviser.  He was given the honor of watching over Aciona due to her being far too young to be able to rule responsibly.  The Empress is very dear to his heart.  He is usually very docile and mellow, but so much as threatening Aciona is a pretty good way to prematurely end your life.  He is surprisingly strong when provoked, at which point he is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Lafara Dragen:  Seer of Heart.  Played FLARP at a very early age, but crossed a group of highbloods, who apprehended her and turned her over to Aegirr, who let the Empress live her early sweeps using Lafara as a toy.  A slave with no purpose other than to entertain the Empress until she was old enough to actually rule.  Aegirr treated her very well, behind closed doors, of course.  She escaped not too long afterwards, but always harbored a deeply rooted fear and respect for highbloods.  She later became Grifig’s kismesis, though she has unrequited flushed feelings for him.

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